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Since 2009, world-renowned filmmaker HOU Hsiao-hsien founded the Golden Horse Film Academy. Director HOU has remained the Film Academy’s Dean these ten years, where 10 to 12 emerging scriptwriters, directors and cinematographers are invited annually to take part in this exciting mentorship and development program in Taiwan. These budding talents from Mandarin-speaking regions come to the program having completed short films each year. They are then teamed-up with one another and given a month’s time for shooting and producing collaborative short film for screening at the Golden Horse Film Festival. At the same time, distinguished filmmakers in the same Mandarin-speaking regions are invited to teach and share their expert opinions on scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, and other aspects of filmmaking, in addition to the numerous supplementary panels where industry professionals communicate field experiences and trade secrets to Academy talents.

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In the past few years, directors at the forefront of Taiwan cinema, such as YANG Ya-che, Tom Shu-yu LIN, Arvin CHEN, LIEN Yi-chi, CHENG Yu-chieh, YAO Hung-I, CHANG Chan, LEE Chung, Midi Z, FU Tien-yu, WONG Chun, CHIANG Hsiu-chiung and HUANG Hsin-yao have taken turns to guide Film Academy talents through each step of the film production process. Film Academy Talents have also enjoyed instruction and attention from such distinguished filmmakers as John WOO, Stanley KWAN, Ang LEE, Mark LEE Ping-bin, TU Du-chih, WANG Shau-di, Fruit CHAN, WANG Xiao-shuai, Nansun SHI, KWAN Pung-leung, LIM Giong, Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, LI Qiang, SU Chao-bin, CHANG Chia-lu, WANG Jr-cheng, CHIENN Hsiang, TAN Ji-liang, Aben LEE, MEI Feng, Adam CHAN, Gino YANG, TIAN Zhuang-zhuang, Owen WANG and Annie LO.


The Film Academy has successfully nurtured several promising young directors and outstanding films, including Midi Z (2009 FA Talent) who won L’atelier ARTE Prize at 2016 Venice International Film Festival, Best Film at the 36th Amiens International Film Festival and nominated for 6 Golden Horse Awards in 2016 for The Road to Mandalay; LEE Chung (2010 FA Talent), who was nominated for Best New Director for The Laundryman at the 2015 Golden Horse Awards; Anthony CHEN (2012 FA Talent), who was awarded Best New Director for Ilo Ilo, the winner of Best Original Script and Best Feature Film at the 2013 Golden Horse Awards; and QIU Yang (2015 FA Talent) who was awarded Palme d’Or for Short Films Competition for Xiao Cheng Er Yue (A Gentle Night) at the Festival de Cannes 2017; TAN Seng-kiat and CHEN Ko-chin (2015 FA Talents) who was nominated for Best New Director and Best Cinematography for Shuttle Life at the 2017 Golden Horse Awards. 

The 2018 Golden Horse Film Academy is held from October 26th through November 23rd, with the mission to nurture up-and-coming Mandarin language film talents and visionaries; and, by supporting the next generation of industry leaders and luminaries, to promote exchanges and dialogues among these emerging filmmakers, in order to preserve the unique culture, people, and style of Mandarin-language films.

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