Legal Name Nationality Film / Title
FANG Liang China 【The Return】Scriptwriter, Director, Actor
【Fcatory Boy】Director, DP, Editor
LEONG Siew-hong Malaysia 【Blind Mouth】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Summer Hours】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Shuttle Life】Scriptwriter
Griffith CHIN Taiwan 【Days Countdown】DP
【The Mosquito Patch】DP
CHENG Thim-kian Malaysia 【Baeu, Baeu】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Men without Women Looking for BananaFish, Girl without Cat Telling Her Story】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Salary】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
HU Chen China 【Past Days Are What I Can Recall】DP
【Farewell, Summer Night】DP
【Where is Spring】DP
【Tender Mercies】DP
【Hey!The Monkey King】DP
【Inside the Amber】DP
WONG Ka-ki Hong Kong 【Room 12】Director
【The Stranger】Scriptwriter, Director
【Revolve】Scriptwriter, Director
【The Next Stop Is Happiness Where This Bus Terminates】Director
【Goodbye Stranger】Scriptwriter, Director
【The Bridge】DP
【I Draw Inside A Sheep】Scriptwriter, Director
LIN Shih-ching Taiwan 【Bad Luck】Director
【People Who Needs 10 NTD】Director
【Mr. Mouhammadou】Director
WEI Tz-yang Taiwan 【Anchorage Prohibited】DP
【Keep in Touch】DP
【The Riverside Apartment】DP
【A Taxi Driver】DP
CHEN Ting-ning Taiwan 【Lichao】Director
【Winter, Fireworks, and My Father】Director
SUN Liang China 【Kill The Shadow】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Unlicensed Cab Driver】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Yun Jie】Assistant director
KWAN Mei-lee Hong Kong 【Piled Cloud】DP
【Kam Chung Monitress】DP
SONG Li-ying China 【Endless Summer】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Spring Festival】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【The Wedding】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Spring in Seoul】Scriptwriter, Director, Editor
【Puppy Love】Scriptwriter
TSAI Yi-fen Taiwan 【12345】Scriptwriter
【The Godson】Scriptwriter
LIN Ya-yu Taiwan 【Keep Going】Director
【Kept Running】Director
【Lost】First Assistant Director
【Spring Awakening】First Assistant Director
【Filial Piety Award】First Assistant Director
【An Outing】Second Assistant Director