Country   |   Japan
Year   |   2017
Format   |   DCP
Color   |   Color
Length   |   94 min
Rating   |   0+
Love and Goodbye and Hawaii

Rinko has been living with Isamu for three years. They have decided to break up, but are still living together. Rinko feels that she still loves Isamu. One day, Rinko finds out that a young girl who studies with Isamu has feelings for him. And it seems that Isamu is becoming attracted to her. Now, Rinko is faced with a tough decision.


Matsumura Shingo was born in 1981 in Kawagoe City, Japan. A graduate of Waseda University, his graduation film, Striking Out in Love, was invited to the Busan 2013. Love and Goodbye and Hawaii is his second feature film.