Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival (GHFFF) is the first in Taiwan aiming at the theme of fantasy. Since its first edition initiated in 2010, the Festival covered various genres like sci-fi, horror, thrill, musical, comedy, martial arts, animation, romance and cult films, leading the audience to explore beyond the boundary of imagination. Previous Filmmaker-In-Focus section, presenting Roman Polanski, Sam Raimi, Álex de la Iglesia, David Lynch, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Ben Wheatley and Kudo Kankuro, also broadened audiences’ horizon with alternative vision.

In addition to present these distinguished films, the festival also brings innovative way of viewing them: surprise screening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW lights up the fire with everyone dressed up anddance like crazy and has ever since established as the festival‘s hottest repertory while the exclusive Sing-Along section welcomes all to belt out with THE SOUND OF MUSIC, THE LOVE ETERNE, MAMA MIA!MOULIN ROUGE! and all in karaoke-style subtitle. Such unique viewing experience also sets record for highest attendance rate of film festivals in Taiwan year by year.

2018 Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival will be held in Taipei between 13rd April and 22nd April. We urge all audience to join this eye-opening annual carnival for cinema.