Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (TGHFF) is organized by Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee, under the authority of The Motion Picture Development Foundation R.O.C. 2018 TGHFF will take place from November 8th to 25th, 2018.
I. General
  1. Submission to the Festival is open for feature, documentary, experimental, animation. Please notice that the Festival only accepts feature-length films over 60 minutes, or short film under 60 minutes directed by Taiwanese director. Short film shot in Taiwan is also eligible for submission. All films submitted for 2018 TGHFF must be completed after January 1st , 2017.
  2. Please register as Golden Horse member at festival official website before your submission.
  3. The festival accepts DCP and 35mm film prints for exhibition. All selected films will be screened in their original version. In principle, if not with English dialogue, films must be subtitled in English or in Traditional Chinese. Projection will be made along with Traditional Chinese subtitling using an electronic system.
II. Submission deadlines and materials
  1. The submission is from June 1st to July 31st , 2018. The Festival is not obliged to view late entries.
  2. ​The applicant is requested to submit entry(ies) online. Online preview screener will be asked as the submission material while submitting (We accept only MOV & MP4 file under 2G, please note the link should be downloadable and the password should be valid until October 2018.)
  3. Submission materials will not be returned. They will be kept in the Festival’s digital library and may be consulted for culture purposes.
III. Selected films
  1. Selected films will receive a system notification email. Once receive the email, participants should email ( requested materials as below:
    - 3-5 Film stills (at least 300 dpi)
    - A photo, biography & filmography of the director
    - Press kit
    - Trailer / Poster / Original sound track (if available)
    - ​Signed Authorization Form (Enter Submission List to print out.)
  2. The festival holds right to use the film stills/text/extracts (limited to 10% of the total length and not exceeding 3 min.) provided by the participant for promotion of the film. This regulation applies equally for the Internet.
  3. ​The Festival may ask the licensor for the rights to have a copy of any film selected. The Festival undertakes to use these films exclusively for its own strictly cultural, non-commercial purposes. The screener of selected film will also be stored in the Festival’s video room and viewed by only the film industry professionals during the festival.
IV. Dispatch of the prints of selected films
  1. The Festival will provide shipping details after your film has been selected.
  2. The Festival will pay for round trip transportation of the print. However, if the print is to be sent to another festival, the charges should be covered by the receiver.
  3. All prints will be returned within four weeks after the festival. If the film has to be returned to another address, this has to be marked on the application form as well as the desired date of arrival at the return address.
  4. Damage to the film print must be reported to the Festival in writing within four weeks after return and prior to any following screening. In case of damage to or loss of a film during the festival, the Festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new print or replacing the damaged reel(s).