FPP Meeting

The Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP) is a Chinese-language film project matching and co-production platform designed to bring to the fore collaborative opportunities between filmmakers, investors and distributors, as well as to link regional industry professionals to the international film community. In the eighteenth years since its establishment, the FPP has made numerous dazzling examples of the successful, the innovative, and the artistic. The FPP consists of three sections: FPP project (film projects in development), WIP project (work-in-progress film projects), and Series project.

Myriad Selected Projects from the past years include Shambhala (Dir. Min Bahadur BHAM, in Competition of Berlinale 2024); All Shall Be Well (Dir. Ray YEUNG, selected in Panorama of Berlinale 2024); Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Dir. JOW Zhi-wei, premiered in Generation 14plus at Berlinatle 2023); Snow in Midsummer (Dir. CHONG Keat-aun, premiered at Giornate degli Autori of Venice Film Festival 2023); Who'll Stop the Rain (Dir. SU I-hsuan, selected in Tokyo International Film Festival 2023 and Harbour, IFFR 2024); Borrowed Time (Dir. CHOY Ji, selected in New Currents of Busan International Film Festival 2023); Salli (Dir. LIEN Chien-hung) and A Boy and A Girl (Dir. HSU Li-da) both premiered in A Window on Asian Cinema of Busan International Film Festival 2023; OLD FOX (Dir, HSIAO Ya-chuan, selected in World Focus of Tokyo International Film Festival 2023); Day Off (Dir. Terry FU Tien-yu, won the Mulberry Award for Best Screenplay at Far East Film Festival 2023); The Lyricist Wannabe (Dir. WONG Yee-lam, Closing Film of Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2023); Eye of the Storm (Dir. LIN Chun-yang, won Best Director, Best Actor, Best Art Design, Best Visual Effects, and Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution at the Taipei Film Awards 2023); Everyphone Everywhere (Dir. Amos WHY, selected in Far East Film Festival 2023 and New York Asian Film Festival 2023); Be with Me (Dir. HWARNG Wern-ying, Opening Film of Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2023); The Young Hoodlum (Dir. YU Jhi-han, Closing Film of Kaohsiung Film Festival 2023); Future Shock - The End of Eternity (Dir. SU Hui-yu, premiered at Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2023); Lost in Perfection (Dir. SUNG Hsin-yin, premiered at Kaohsiung Film Festival 2023); and Abang Adik (Dir. Jin ONG; won the Golden Mulberry, Black Dragon, and First Time Director Awards at Far East Film Festival 2023, and Ecumenical Jury Award, Audience Award at Fribourg International Film Festival 2023).

Besides shining at the international film festival circuits, the recently completed projects also performed brilliantly at the 60th Golden Horse Awards; OLD FOX won Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Makeup & Costume Design and Best Original Film Score; PIGSY won Best Animated Feature; Trouble Girl won Best Leading Actress; Abang Adik won Best Leading Actor; Day Off won Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Film Song; Eye of the Storm won Best Visual Effects and Best Art Direction; Fish Memories won Best Cinematography; Snow in Midsummer won Best Sound Effects; The Lyricist Wannabe was nominated for Best Leading Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay; A Boy and A Girl was nominated for Best New Performer and Best Sound Effects; Free Beats: The Musical Journey of CHEN Ming Chang was nominated for Best Documentary Feature; and Who'll Stop the Rain received nominations for Best New Performer and Best Cinematography.

The completed Series projects include The Amazing Grace of Σ (Dir. WU Luo-ying and Ray JIANG, received 10 nominations at the 58th Golden Bell Awards); Oh No! Here Comes Trouble (Dir. LIN Kuan-hui, available for streaming in 2023); and Not A Murder Story (Dir. KO Chen-nien), The Accidental Influencer (Dir. HSIEH Pei-ju), Three Tears in Borneo (Dir. SUN Chieh-heng) will soon meet the audience in 2024.

The FPP consists of two major events: One-on-one private meetings and professional workshops. In November 2023, investors, industry decision-makers and venture partners around the world convened in Taipei City for their chance to meet with the representatives of 64 Selected Projects (39 FPP Projects, 7 WIP Projects and 18 Series Projects), for an astounding total of 1,727 private pitching meetings. The FPP’s signature one-on-one round table meetings are especially lauded as rare independent spaces, where filmmakers may fully present their creative visions and production capability, and where industry professionals may speak freely and unreservedly. Prior to the meetings, the representatives of the Selected Projects were invited to workshops with their project proposal to discuss with industry veterans, whose valuable suggestions add the polishing touches on pitches, advancing investor commitment prospects. In addition to the film project market, the FPP has expanded its platform to cross-industry collaboration with the Golden Indie Music Awards since 2022, facilitating mutual exchange networks for the filmmakers and musicians in the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion × Golden Indie Music Awards networking event. In 2023, more than 400 matching sessions were facilitated, fostering further opportunities for collaboration between outstanding film projects and musical talents.

In addition to the coveted Grand Prize of TWD 1,000,000, the 2023 FPP also offered other cash awards with the enduring and generous sponsorship of leading regional and international partners, including CNC Cash Award (EUR 8,000), Taipei Golden Creativity Award (TWD 600,000), FPP Visionary Award (USD 12,000), TAICCA Original Award (TWD 600,000), Hakka Creative Award (TWD 400,000), Hua Yi Pictures Award (TWD 300,000), Genesis Wave Film Creative Award (TWD 500,000 & TWD 1,000,000 in-kind post production incentive), Taipei New Horizon Screenplay Award (TWD 400,000 for WIP projects), Activator Market Potential Award (TWD 300,000 in-kind digital marketing budget for WIP projects), Netflix Emerging Storyteller Award (TWD 500,000 for Series projects), MyVideo Creative Series Award (TWD 300,000), CATCHPLAY International Spotlight Award (TWD 300,000 for Series projects), GLORY Creative Series Award (TWD 300,000) as well as Judicial Creative Series Award (TWD 350,000). Winning filmmakers are given the resources and networks to raise the standard and envision a brighter future for the Chinese-language films and series.


The 2024 Golden Horse FPP will take place from November 18th through the 20th, where a gathering of film industry professionals is certain to be a sight to behold.